Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers
Q: What is an iMuseum? 
A: An iMuseum is an "internet" or virtual museum. It is a virtual space to exhibit items of interest to anyone who has internet access. The benefit of an imuseum is that it will never run out of space. Also the community aspect of the imuseum will better allow people anywhere in the world who are interested in the given subject to communicate with each other and share.  
Q: The site is called "iMuseums" but isn't it really only one imuseum about guitars? 
A: Currently, yes there is only one imuseum and it's about guitars. There are plans to launch new imuseums in the future.  
Q: Oooh, new imuseums you say? What will they be about? 
A: Sorry, that's classified.  
Q: What does it cost to use the site?
A: The current site is free. When I first thought about creating this site it was to present and share the information. The information currently offered is for everyone who can get to the site. iMuseums may offer premium content in the future which may have a cost associated with it. When this does happen the information currently offered for free will remain so.   
Q: Oh my goodness! I found a mistake in the History, Specs, Notes, etc. What do I do? 
A: First please relax. It's not the end of the world. iMuseums strives to provide accurate information. Sometimes the info provided is flawed. Maybe the source iMuseums got it from was flawed. Maybe iMuseums flubbed the entry (it happens). If you can prove to iMuseums that there is a mistake please send us that proof and we will make it a priority to update the entry with the correct information.  
Q: I don't see Brand, Series, Model, Year X. Why? How can you miss such an import Brand, Series, Model, Year? You call yourself a Museum?  
A: iMuseums is just starting out (even if you're reading this years after it's opened). The resources we have, information sources, man hours, etc.,  is limited. If you have information sources that you can share with us please contact us.  
Q: I have guitar X and I want it to be in the museum.  
A: That's not really a question. And we prefer the term "imuseum".  However if you have an exceptionally rare guitar or a pretty extensive collection you should contact iMuseums. iMuseums does induct guitars into the imuseum and yes you still get to keep your guitar(s). 
Q: What is involved in inducting a guitar into the imuseum? 
A: Now that is a question and a great one. You get a cookie. But not from iMuseums, we currently don't do cookies. There are various levels of induction into iMuseums. A full induction includes iMuseums spending some time with the physical specimen. iMuseums will take pictures of the guitar, record the guitar, verify specification and in it goes.    
Q: So, where are the acoustic guitars?  
A: The current staff of iMuseums is much more knowledgeable with electric guitars than acoustics. As the site continues to develop acoustic guitars will certainly be included.
Q: Can someone help me with a technical problem I'm having with the site?
A: Probably not. is a very basic site. We currently do not use flash or anything else that might require a plug-in. Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Safari 5, and Firefox 12 all seem to have no issues with the site. is not currently optimized for mobile browsers. 
Q: I found a broken link. How do I report it?
A: Please report broken links to us here
Q: Who can I contact if I'd like to do business with iMuseums?
A: Please contact us here
Q: What is's privacy policy?
A: Here is's privacy policy