Hello and thank you for visiting iMuseums.

 I have many passions in life. Guitars is one of them and I hope to share my passion with you. Maybe you share this with me.

 I have been playing guitar for about 20 years. About 7 years ago I started collecting guitars. I'm the type of person that loves facts and details. Some of the guitars I was collecting were fairly difficult to find information on.  I would spends hours scouring the web and trying to find information and answers to my questions. There were lots of different places on the net where I could find lots of info on some guitars but none on others. There were some places I could find small bits of information on lots of guitars. Sometimes I found what I was looking for and sometimes I didn't. I found it frustrating at times to say the least.

I thought to myself, what if there was one place on the web I could go to, where anyone could go to, and find that info. Since I never found that place I decided I'm going to build that place. I started writing down ideas, what information do I want to find, how do I organize it, what kind of fun things can I do with this site?

I started telling people close to me about my idea. They offered feedback and suggestions. I took all of that and am now in the process of bringing that culmination to you.

Right now as I write this there isn't as much information on this site as I have envisioned. Don't worry because I'm just getting started. I have been very busy over the last few months building the backend and putting the structure in place. Now that the majority of that work is done I can start to add content to this site.

If you can help please contact me at curator@imuseum.com and provide me with the information you have. Please keep in mind that I strive to put only accurate and relevant information on the iMuseum site. I only post information that is verifiable. I accept information that comes straight from the Manufacture, Company or established authority.

I hope you enjoy this first iMuseum on guitars.