Nuno Bettencourt

Best known as the lead guitarist for the band Extreme. Nuno who was heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. He grew up in a house full of musicians. His first passion was drums.As he entered highschool moved on to guitar. He took an interest in not just playing guitar but actually understanding it on a deeper level. He was not affraid to really explore the guitar. He also explored aspects of the guitar that changed their sound or playability. He was known for swapping necks early on as well as trying different pickups. Nuno was approached by several guitar companies who wanted to put his name on a guitar however, none of the companies seemed too willing to work with him to give him what he actually wanted. Washburn wanted to work with Nuno so he and Washburn developed the guitar that would become his "number one", the N4. A few years into production N4s started showing up in different woods, Paduak then Korina and later Swamp Ash, Mahogany with a Maple top, then Sapele. More recently there have been N4s made of Walnut, and the 20th anneversary model with a Korina body and Koa top, continuing Nuno's tradition of experimenting with wood. Nuno's favorite woods, or at least guitars were the original N4 made of Alder with maple neck and an N4 made of Paduak.